Frequently Asked Questions

How many interns/practicum students are taken each year?

We usually take 6-8 students per year.

What are the requirements?

Practicum students must have completed at least the first year of a PhD program. Pre-doctoral internship applicants must have completed at least the first two years of their PhD program.

Do I need to have previous experience in sex and couple therapy?

No previous experience is required in sex and couple therapy. Previous general therapy experience is a plus.

How specialized is this internship?

Although the patient population for this internship is limited to those presenting with sexual and/or couple problem, this represents a broad cross-section of society. Interns also see patients in urology and gynecology clinics and those with comorbid psychiatric problems. The therapy experience spans individual, couple and group therapies.

What is the case load?

The case load is typically 8-10 clients/couples. Interns also do assessments in urology and gynecology clinics and participate as co-therapists in group therapy.

How much and what kind of supervision will I receive?

Usually an intern participates in two weekly supervision groups. There is additional specialized supervision for the work in gynecology and urology.

What are the general requirements of the internship?

The internship starts on the first Tuesday after Labor Day and lasts until the end of July. All internship students are required to be available all day on Tuesday for our weekly rounds (1-2 PM) and for supervision groups. Clients can be scheduled at any time throughout the week that is convenient for the intern and the client.

What kind of therapy experience will I receive?

Internship students receive experience with sexual and couple therapy for individuals, couples and groups. Psycho-educational groups for couple enhancement are typically offered each year as well as pain management groups for genital/pelvic pain.

What kind of assessment experience will I receive?

Interns gain experience doing assessments for individuals referred to the service and also carry out assessments in the urology and gynecology clinics.

Is there more than one internship available?

Yes, although an initial internship exposes the intern to all the current activities of the service, it is possible to organize additional time or a second internship focusing on a specific topic such as couple therapy or sexual medicine.

What are the therapy approaches used?

Therapy approaches include: CBT, humanistic and self psychology, EFCT and third wave CBT like ACT, DBT, and mindfulness.

How will I learn about sex and couple therapy?

The internship starts with an intensive course in sex and couple therapy.

Can I speak to recent interns?

Yes you can contact former interns. In 2016-2017 our interns were: Nida Ali, Gabrielle Bélanger-Dumontier, Laura Copeland, Zofia Czajkowska, Philip Huntoon, Katherine Milette, and Félix Mangeon.