Who are the therapists that see clients at the sex and couple therapy service?

Most of the staff are doctoral level psychologists with specialized training and experience in sex and couple therapy (see staff list). Because we are a teaching hospital, there are also interns and residents who are closely supervised. We work closely with 3 medical consultants Dr. S. Carrier (Urology), Dr. S. Khalife (gynecology) and Dr. G. Wiviott (psychiatry).

Who is appropriate to refer for the service?

Our service welcomes referrals of clients aged 14 and above who are experiencing any type of sexual or couple problem. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and intersexed clients/couples in addition to heterosexual individuals/couples may be referred. We counsel/treat paraphilias but do not liaise with the judicial system.

What is the cost of the service?

This service is covered by medicare.

How do I refer a patient?

Clients can directly contact our secretary, Liz Nolan at (514) 934-1934 ext. 34284 to schedule an initial assessment/evaluation appointment. After the initial assessment appointment, a letter will be sent to the referrer to communicate the client’s status. A referral is required for services to be covered by RAMQ.

Why refer to a hospital based service?

There are many excellent non-hospital based sex therapists and physicians expert in sexual medicine. Generally, however, they work alone. Our service is based on a multidisciplinary team that combines the full range of psychosocial, psychiatric, medical and physical therapist expertise. We are also a major research center which keeps us up to date with recent developments.

Are specialized services available?

Yes, our combined psychosocial/urological assessment and treatment program for erection problems and other male sexual dysfunction is as far as we know unique in Canada. Please contact Ms. Julie Larouche for further information concerning the Men’s Sexual Health Program (jmflarouche@hotmail.com). Our vulvodynia assessment and treatment protocols have been adopted by many other centers. For further information please see www.binik-lab.com.

Can I discuss a specific patient before referring them?

Please direct inquires to Dr. Dennis Kalogeropoulos: 514-733-4959 ext 223

What’s new in the treatment of erection problems?

State of the art treatment for erection problems in older men relies heavily on the combination of pharmacological and psychosocial methods. Depending on the client, one method alone may not be sufficient. We assess and treat the physical problems as well as the sexual repertoire, the couple relationship and the psychosocial context.

What’s new in the treatment of sexual/genital/pelvic pain?

We have published the only completed randomized controlled trial for the treatment of vulvar vestibulitis (vestibulodynia) that has demonstrated an effective treatment. We have also developed a vulvalgesiometer to measure vulvar pain.

What’s new in the assessment of sexual dysfunction?

Traditional methods of interview and questionnaire are being improved continuously. We have been involved in the development of artificial intelligence based computerized interviewing methods. We are currently experimenting with ultrasonographic and thermographic measures for the assessment of sexual arousal.

What services are not provided?

We do not provide divorce or mediation counseling. Our goal is to improve relationships and enhance sexual functioning. We do not liaise with the judicial system.

What is the theoretical approach?

Our approach is a multidisciplinary but pragmatic biopsychosocial one. It is our view that no one discipline currently has a monopoly on the ability to assess and treat sexual couple/marital problems.

Can I get some training in sexology?

Considering the prevalence of sexual and couple problems, it is crucial that front line practitioners from different disciplines (e.g. family medicine, mental health, social work, nursing) are able to assess and treat effectively. We may be able to provide suitable training upon request. Please contact Dr. Dennis Kalogeropoulos @ 514-733-4959 ext 223

How can I get involved?

The Sex and Couple Therapy service is always looking for new therapists to join our dynamic team. We also believe in a multidisciplinary treatment approach and work with a team of specialists from a variety of fields including, but not limited to, gynecology, urology, physiotherapy, dermatology, and sexology. If you are interested in collaborating, please contact Dr. Dennis Kalogeropoulos @ 514-733-4959 ext 223

Are there research projects associated with our clinical service?

Yes, please contact Dr. Michael Berry, Manager of clinical operations: michaeldavidberry@gmail.com

How can I get more information about the Sex and Couple Therapy Service?

You can call our secretary Liz Nolan at 514-934-1934 ext. 34284 or email sexandcoupletherapy@gmail.com. If Liz cannot answer your question, she will put you in touch with someone who can.

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